Renewable energy micro-investment

Invest to end climate change.
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Invest in our solar & wind portfolio

Earn over 6% / year

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Why Custodian?


Affordable impact investment with low market risk

Transparent fees

$1 a month for accounts under $5000 or 0.25% per year above $5000

> 6% yearly return

We pool our projects into one investment portfolio to minimise risk and maximise returns

Withdraw anytime

Withdrawing is as simple as investing

About Us

100% renewable energy

Our mission is simple: investment to reach net zero emissions by 2050. We help you invest to end climate change, starting at just a dollar a day.

We've created a portfolio of the most successful solar and wind projects locally and around the world for you to invest in.

We help you invest in something called yieldcos, a pool of energy assets that generate income from energy sold to the grid. This income is added to your investment for you to access and withdraw anytime.




Where we invest

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

So you've decided you invest in a better world? Glad we're on the same page. We help you invest in a collection of successful energy projects locally and internationally. This collection of projects returns a consistent income over time of about 6% a year, that's triple some bank accounts! So saving your money with us is a no-brainer.

Is my income reinvested?

Yes, we put the dividends straight into your account to keep making you money by buying more shares in the energy projects. You can withdraw this anytime.

When do I get my income?

We deposit your dividends every 3 months. The next dividend is paid on September 30.

How much does the 6.2% fluctuate?

So far the return hasn't dropped below 6%. And when we start investing in more local projects that number will start moving towards 8%. So don't worry, you're in safe hands. However we have a responsibility to tell you that past performance isn't indicative of future performance.

Why do you pick these projects?

We only partner with companies that generate energy from 100% renewables. Meridian and Pattern energy are two of the most impressive electricity generators in the world and a role model for what renewable energy generation should look like. We also invest in private and community projects in Australia so everyone can own their energy.

Can I invest lump sums?

We're working on it! We can manually deposit your money if you email us through our contact page.